Sittin’ and Grinnin’

We love to sit and listen to children’s wishes and stories and pose for that special picture that will be passed down for years to come!

And since you and your guests are probably already wearing your best Christmas outfits, why not take a picture of the whole family with us!

Let us make your event special and memorable for everyone!

Public Appearances

Would you like us to brighten up your next parade, corporate party or civic event?

Would you like Santa to be the Master of Ceremonies at your tree-lighting ceremony?

Would you like Mrs. Claus to serenade everyone with some Christmas tunes on her violin?  Or read a story to set the the mood?

How about having us appear on your TV or Radio show to liven things up or set the tone for a holiday special?

Let us help you make your event or show really shine!

Print/Broadcast Work

We are available for Print and Broadcast Work year-round!

We have a range of tasteful costumes available (Vacation Santa, Workshop Santa, Golfing/Biker/Cowboy Santa, Etc.)

All of our costumes are Hollywood-Standard, Broadcast TV and Film Quality.

We have current passports, are well traveled, physically healthy, flexible, easy to work with and available for national and international work.

Our fees are commensurate with industry standards and we’d love to speak with you or your booking agent to set something up!

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